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At Tustin Tree Service, we offer a variety of services, such as tree removal, trimming, pruning, arborists, shrub removal, land clearing, landscaping, and emergency tree service. With over 25 years of working in the industry, we guarantee that all tree care is handled professionally and respectfully by the best tree surgeons in all of Tustin! When it comes to your lawn, garden, property, and overall landscape, we ensure that it looks the best because we offer the best tree service in Tustin. Your trees, shrubs, and bushes will all be groomed and we’ll handle the dead trees as well!

Unfortunately, when it comes to our lawns, this is incredibly difficult. In most cases, we have no idea where to start or what even to do. Sure there are other things like mowing the lawn and watering the plants, but this only goes so far. ​Since 1992, the Tustin Tree Service company has helped and maintained multiple trees across all of Southern California. Our well-trained, licensed and insured, arborist crew has done a fantastic job in managing the development process in tree growth, tree pruning, and most importantly, tree care.

Our ethical company offers free quotes and estimates, so whenever you are in need of any type of tree service, tree removal, tree trimming, and pruning, stump grinding and removal, arborist health care, or emergency tree service, then please call us today at (714)-769-8019 for more information about our business, company, or services. For many reasons, our business model has grown and expanded. Allowing us to offer a variety of new tree services to help those in need of lawn care, removal of sick trees, and even planting new ones.

Now, after 25 plus years of experience, we have made it our mission to help all families to provide them with the best tree removal tree service in Tustin, by providing them with specialized expertise and superb value. When you trust us to help with your tree care and landscaping, you are getting a trusted company that prizes honesty and integrity above all else. When we leave your property, we are confident that you will be satisfied with all the tree services we provided for you.

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Our Reputation And Management

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For over 25 years, we have been in the business of ensuring that every lawn we come across is as beautiful and aesthetically pleasing as can be. That’s why we do our best to provide the best tree removal, lawn maintenance, shrub care, trimming, emergency tree service, and so much more. We are always happy to take on more work, even if it may be outside the typical type of job we perform. Our team of arborists has the best services and offers the best tree service in Tustin, so let us know how we can help improve your lawn and property maintenance today!

Experienced and Professional: Our team of professionally trained arborists and lawn specialists are some of the best in the industry. Our entire crew is focused and driven with the goal of making sure that your lawn and property are consistently the best they can be. As a result, we constantly and regularly ensure that our skills are up to date with the latest techniques and innovations found throughout the industry. That’s why we always follow our company motto, “Be the best that you can be, not the best that you are.” Feel free to contact us anytime for more information about our business and development. You can reach us by calling at (714)-769-8019 to reach our office.

Certification and License: All of our arborists are licensed and certified by the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA). As such, they have all been trained in the best and most advanced practices to ensure that they can precisely and immediately determine the best course of action for your property. This means that, while other lawn services may incorrectly determine the health status of your trees (either missing telltale signs of fungi or aggressively calling for tree removal), our team will be able to choose the best path for your plant life to ensure the best results for your lawn and property and our tree service in Tustin reputation.  

Affordable Prices and Discounts: Our primary goal is to ensure that your landscape and property look perfect. This is why we do our best to offer the best prices to those looking to work with us. On top of that, once a client of ours becomes a repeat customer, we will be happy to provide even bigger discounts in exchange for their loyalty. Throughout the whole of Tustin, we pride ourselves on having some of the most competitive rates available. Other companies could charge several times higher than us for half the services, which is why our goal is to always offer you the most affordable prices.

Residential and Commercial: In addition to offering some of the best deals on the market, we also offer both residential and commercial-based tree services. If you can inform us of the type of property you have ahead of time, then we can arrange the best team of arborists we have to come out and assist you within minutes. To learn more about how much it would cost to service your residential or commercial property, then please free to give us a call for a free quote and consultation or leave us a detailed message and we will return your call as soon as possible. We offer the best tree service in Tustin and are happy to help!

We Always Get The Job Done

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At Tustin Tree Service, lawn care and landscaping isn’t just a business to us. Our goal is and will always be to ensure that your property is the best that it can be. This has been our purpose since 1995, and it is still our purpose over 25 years later. No matter what your situation is, no matter how hard you’ve tried to make your property nice or how many other services you’ve gone to with no results, as a client, you have our guarantee that we will always act with you and your lawn’s best interest in mind. Feel free to give us a call at (714)-769-8019 for more information!

The tree company that we run and operate in the Tustin area has been proudly serving its residents for well over 25 years. Not only have we been well recognized by the likes of Angie’sList and HomeAdvisor, but we have also been recognized by our loyal customers as one of the best tree service companies in all of Southern California. Our business model to serve others is what we pride ourselves on, which is why we take extra precautions by following a very strict and safe protocol, as well as ensuring our reputation as the best tree service in Tustin!

Every time we move forward in hiring new staff, we are always cautious to make sure that the person we bring on has been highly trained by the best tree surgeon in the business. This ensures that all of our employees are well qualified to handle any tree task that comes our way, so let us know how we can help make your trees looking as perfect as they can be. We understand that not all jobs are created equally, which is why we arrange our teams to handle each project based on size and time.

If you have a project that may take a few days to complete, then we will certainly assign one of our bigger tree teams to come and assist you. This will not only complete the job in a shorter amount of time but also ensure that your property looks better than ever. When it comes to the tree service industry, we actually prefer to work at a slower pace, rather than a faster one. We do this because we want to ensure that our team performs at the highest quality, ensuring you that there will be no mistakes or miscalculations on our part.

The Tustin Tree Service team cares deeply for our reputation and will always do our best to maintain our status as the number one business providing tree service in Tustin. Regardless of what kind of tree service you may need, such as tree removal, trimming, pruning, arborist, or emergency tree service, we will always be there to handle the task required. Feel free to check out our various other locations where we offer the best tree service around, especially in Westminster.

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Benefits Of Working With Us

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For many people, there is a belief that all forms of lawn care and plant maintenance are largely accessible areas. Some parts, such as gardening or mowing, have a landscape at its highest quality, which is why we ensure the highest level of safety for you, as well as those around you. We have come across many cases of people wanting to handle their own tree care, however, it’s incredibly important that a professional be called to handle the task. We are not only expertly trained in the tree service in the Tustin industry, but also don’t do anything without your property’s safety.

There have been many cases when we’ve seen individuals try to handle their own tree care, but we always recommend reaching out to a professional to handle the task. Tree trimming, as an example, may seem on the surface like a relatively simple tree grooming practice, but in reality, many that are not skilled at it may attempt to try it and have a high chance of, at best, improperly cutting the branches, which actually would reduce the effectiveness and potentially worsening the health of the tree. In extreme cases like this, it’s best to give us a call at (714)-769-8019 so we can recommend the best strategies for handling your property.

The main reason why you should always consult with a professional arborist is that the tree service industry is ranked number one in the most dangerous jobs out there. It’s also important for all property owners to be aware of other tree removal companies, who may provide a lower quote or consultation for their services. This is because some other tree companies with a lower establishment and reputation may not have the necessary qualifications of actual tree service in Tustin or any other tree business in the area.

Not all tree establishments have the proper tools needed to handle the various types of tree work out there, which is why we provide the best machinery and technology needed to handle the job. All of our tools and equipment are highly regulated by the ISA, allowing us to provide the best tree removal, stump grinding, trimming, pruning, arborists, emergency tree service, and so much more. If you happen to be located in an area outside of Tustin, then please take a look at our locations page as we are always expanding.

Our company cares deeply to maintain our strong reputation in serving others, which is why we only hire and work with the best arborists. It’s for this reason why our company is so well known, licensed, and insured by the tree industry. If you choose to work with another tree business then make sure to do your research on them first. If they are not qualified to service your property, then as the homeowner you may be deemed liable for any accidents or mistakes. When working with us, however, we guarantee the best results for your property using the best team we have available. Our team of arborists provides the best tree service in Tustin to help!

We Never Stop Working!

Tustin Tree Service Story

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When we first started, it all began with a simple love for trees and nature. When our founder was only a young boy, he was enamored with trees, plants, and wildlife in general. As he grew, that love of nature matured with him. During his teenage years, he made the decision to become an Arborist, and while most people would often keep their lives static at just that, he eventually took that love of nature and his professional tree planting took him to start his own business. He has lived by the principle that lawns, yards, trees, and landscapes can and should be the best that they can be if at all possible.

Tustin Tree Service has been at the foundation of all tree services in the Southern California area. We care deeply for serving those around us in this community and will continue to do so as long as people need our help with their yards and lawns. Now that we provide so many tree services, we only thought it would be fair to start giving back to the area more. That’s why we always do our best to donate some of our profits to local charities that may need it more than we do. This allows us to not only help and serve others but also expand our name to others who may need tree care near them.

For more information regarding how we can service your yard and charity, please call us at (714)-769-8019 and we’d be happy to hook you up with the best arborists we have available. Our team of tree experts is all licensed, insured, and provides the best tree service in Tustin! As a growing team that seems to get larger every year, we are proud to call Tustin our home. Tree services and land clearing is not just a job that we do, it’s a long-driven passion and desire to maintain all tree and plant care.

Most people don’t realize that proper tree care is actually needed every day, and since our daily schedules are so compacted with other agendas, they often forget to care for the trees and plants around them. This is where we come in. Tustin Tree Service has perfected its craft to caring for all maintenance. There is never a bad time to let us know if you need additional help in managing your lawn care. In fact, a few years ago we started a team that specializes in weekly plant care; meaning that our arborists are always happy to provide a weekly checkup on the trees that are placed on your lawn, property, and driveways.

Many of our loyal customers often keep returning to work with us because we have done a great job to gain their trust and vise versa. There is always a strong foundation in communication, regardless if it’s over the phone or in person. If we ever find a project to be too difficult for us, we will give you our honest opinion about it and do our best to hire more additional hands to handle to extra tree work. We always do our best to start and finish each project on our own, but there are many cases where we work with additional partners to help us with these tasks.

Tree service and root removal is the most dangerous job out there, so it’s always best to be extra safe when working on larger projects. Regardless, we take great pride in helping those who need tree service, trimming, or removal, and will always strive to gain satisfaction in the work we produce for you. Please let us know how we can assist you, as we are always looking to help those in need of tree service in Tustin and the areas nearby. You can also check the about page, as our arborists are always providing valuable tree information.

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Our Company Goal And Mission

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Here at Tustin Tree Service, our mission is simple: We have a desire to make as many yards and landscapes as beautiful and as lush as they can be, as far out as possible. We have been doing this steadily over the past 25 years and have been enjoying our progression ever since. Now, we are seeing that there is a very real need and desire from clients, throughout Southern California, and all of the United States for that matter, to have their yards and properties be much more than they have been in the past, and that is why we are the best tree service in Tustin!

With each new client coming with us along the way, not only are we closer to our mission, but we are, as a direct consequence, getting more and more yards and lawns to be the best and most beautiful that they can be, especially with shrub removal. Overall, our goal is to one day become the largest tree service company in all of Southern California and with your help and support, we believe we’ll accomplish this task within the upcoming years. We also desire to have the highest level of tree service support and customer service, where we only hire the best arborists, tree surgeons, maintenance care, tree spraying, and experts out there.

Of course, if there are any tree professionals that have a special skill to add to our business, we are always open to welcoming them to join our mission. Our crew and employees are all well compensated, which is why they are so happy to continue working with us in expanding. Many of them have already invited their friends to work here, as we are always looking to hire more of the best tree experts in the industry. We range from tree services, trimming, pruning, removal, care, cutting, tree cabling, and so much more for those looking to work with us. Feel free to check out our policy page for more information regarding our tree business and standards.

The reason why we have done such a great job is simply because of our crew. They’re the cornerstone of our business and will perform each tree project with utmost care and professionalism. We will forever showcase our desire to help others with an honest approach to our work, including integrity and workmanship, the Tustin Tree Service team will always be open to anyone looking for the best tree care. Our goals may seem very high, but we also have high expectations to accomplish our goals, mission, and expansion in providing tree service to Tustin residents and other locals in districts around.

We invite you to become a part of the next chapter in our journey by supporting our cause. Please feel free to let us know how we can improve, as we look forward to one day serving you as well. If you happen to not see a tree service that is available on our website, then please give us a call at (714)-769-8019 because we are always open to help regardless of the type of work it may be. Once again, we offer the best tree services in Tustin. This includes tree removal, stump grinding, tree trimming, tree pruning, shrub removal, tree surgeon, tree cabling, land clearing, tree spraying, tree planting, root removal, and emergency tree service.

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