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Trees are symbols of life, inspiration, and everlasting beauty. With their bold, beautiful colors and divine silhouettes, trees look like they are straight out of an artist’s imagination, and with their sweet fragrance and fresh breeze, they bring the essence of life and peace to a person’s soul and senses. Trees are a must-have in any community and can enhance the beauty of the landscape with their awe-inspiring presence. Though it is everyone’s dream to see their trees alive, beautiful, and healthy, maintaining trees is a challenging task and requires proper care and attention to stay in tip-top shape.

To keep your trees rejuvenated and healthy, you will need professional tree services in Tustin. Our certified arborists are fully trained to identify tree disease and decay and tend to the issue in due time. Our arborists in Tustin are prepared to handle any job and can complete any task ranging from routine tree maintenance to complete tree removal. At Orange County Tree Care, we understand that trees are an important source of pride and can bring an unmatched level of satisfaction to anyone.

Whether you are a business owner, a homeowner, or a service provider, trees are necessary to beautify your property, and we can provide you with all the professional tree services you need to keep your trees thriving. At Orange County Tree Care, we take pride in being the best and most reliable tree service company in Tustin. We understand that trees are your greatest assets when it comes to adorning the landscape of your property. To properly maintain those assets and make sure that your trees are alive and thriving for many years to come, you need an expert tree service contractor.

Orange County Tree Care proudly provides dependable and effective tree service in Tustin. We have the right equipment and tools, highly skilled and trained and safety-certified arborists, and utmost dedication to our customers. We are experts in all types of tree services in Tustin and can handle projects of any size. We also pride ourselves on providing high-quality customer service and have the best customer satisfaction rating in the industry.

We want nothing more than to see our customers thrilled and able to enjoy their beautiful trees and accomplish their landscaping goals. If you are in need of dependable tree service in Tustin, call us today for a free estimate or check out our tree services and experience the difference that can only come with the best team on the job.

tree service
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Best Tree Service In Tustin!

tree service

Boasting 20+ years of experience in providing professional and reliable tree services, Orange County Tree Care is a name you can trust and depend on. We are a licensed tree service company in Tustin that can handle any job for any size and budget. Our certified experts are trained to provide you with quality tree services from start to finish. Whether you need tree pruning or plucking, tree removal, tree stump removal, proper tree fertilization, the removal of dead tree limbs, or tree disease tree inspections, we can handle everything for you. Please view our tree services in Tustin!

Tree Removal: A difficult and often terrifying task for the common homeowner is the removal of a tree on their property. With so many different tasks involved, you need a professional who understands how and when to remove trees using the proper methods. A tree can be as helpful as it is hazardous to the property and can lead to significant damage if not removed in time. Our tree removal service in Tustin deals with this problem in an effective and efficient manner. We remove trees safely and provide high-quality services that leave no room for complaints.

Stump Grinding: An obvious eyesore on any property, tree stumps is a result of a recently removed tree from a property. Unless you remove the stump, it will remain for a very long time and continue to damage your property. In order to provide you with tree services that address this problem in a complete manner, we provide stump grinding. We level the stump and remove it without leaving any trace of it on the property while ensuring that the surface is free from any type of damage.

Tree Trimming: Selective pruning helps a tree stay aesthetically appealing and, at the same time, remain healthy and safe. At Orange County Tree Care, we specialize in trimming trees and provide the perfect solution to your tree trimming problems. Our services are custom-tailored and keep your needs and preferences in mind. Whether you need high-quality pruning or shaped pruning, we can provide you with the perfect solution. We are familiar with the right techniques to prune a tree and give it the best shape for your property.

Tree Pruning: If you have a tree on your property that is not reaching its full potential or is diseased and will not survive for much longer, you need proper tree pruning in Tustin. We can provide you with the expert tree pruning you need. Our certified arborists in Tustin will carefully prune back your trees and remove the diseased branches, at the same time providing the tree with a fresh start. A healthy and strong tree will be provided with the pruned branches and will help you enjoy all of the benefits provided by the tree. We have the right equipment and techniques to provide you with quality tree pruning service in Tustin.

Shrub Removal: While trees bring aesthetic appeal to a property, shrubs are an important part of your landscape. The removal of shrubs should be handled carefully and with expert techniques. At Orange County Tree Care, we specialize in removing shrubs and can give you the perfect solution to all your shrub removal problems. Whether you need pruning or removal, we can provide you with a reliable and effective solution. Boasting years of experience when it comes to shrub removal in Tustin, we have the knowledge and expertise to handle the job for you.

Tree Surgeon: A professional tree surgeon in Tustin knows how to perform tree surgery, and we also deal with the ongoing maintenance of the tree. We can provide you with the tree surgeon service you need to ensure that your trees are properly cared for. Whether you need one-off tree care, yearly inspections, or the occasional pruning, we have the right skills and expertise to ensure that your trees look like what you imagined them to be.

Tree Cabling: Proper tree cabling is important in ensuring the longevity of a tree and protecting it from strong winds and storms. Our professionals understand how to wire a tree properly and can provide this service to you at the right price. You will be provided with a permanent cabling solution that will keep your tree safe for many years to come.

Land Clearing: Land clearing often goes hand in hand with tree removal and stump grinding. When removing a tree, there will be additional work involved to ensure a clean yard with no trees or stumps. Our land clearing service in Tustin steps in during this time and makes sure that the job is done thoroughly by taking care of the clean-up for you.

Tree Spraying: Tree spraying is among the proven methods of ensuring that the tree is healthy for a long time. Our experts have the right knowledge and techniques to spray trees in Tustin safely and effectively. We also understand which pesticides, fungicides, or insecticides are most effective and use them all with the utmost precision. We spray your trees at any time of the year without worrying about the weather. We come to your house on your schedule and spray your trees until the job is done. Your trees will look healthy and refreshed while being protected against tree disease, pests, and anything else that can harm them.

Tree Planting: When you are planting a tree, you need to make sure that the job is not only done correctly but also done properly. You need a professional tree service in Tustin to make sure that the job is handled with expert techniques in order to see a satisfying end result. Our tree planting service is comprehensive and can handle any size and shape of planting project. We offer affordable and reasonable tree planting packages in Tustin.

Root Removal: Sometimes during the removal of a tree, the roots of the tree will need to be removed as well. This is typically the case when people are opting for tree stump removal or simply want to get rid of a tree. In these cases, we can provide you with the root removal service you need. Ensure that your yard is left clean and free from any impurities with our quality root removal service in Tustin.

Emergency Tree Service: Our emergency tree services in Tustin are concerned with protecting your tree in the midst of storms or other natural disasters. Your tree may be hit by lightning or suffer the wrath of a storm, and our experts will take the appropriate action. We have the right equipment on hand to protect your tree and can use it to make sure that your tree is safeguarded and saved. We can address any major problem with your tree and make sure that it gets the treatment it needs to keep itself alive.

Benefits Of Working With Us!

tree service

It is our belief that a sense of nature can be experienced in numerous aspects of life. To us, a tree isn’t just a species of plant that’s indigenous to Orange County; it’s a quiet, leafy, secluded refuge from the noise of the city, a symbol of a simpler time, and a reminder of our need to bond with nature every now and again. So, if there’s a place that understands this belief, it’s Tustin. Tustin is the oldest incorporated city regular and the 7th oldest city in Orange County. So, you cannot deny that Tustin has a deep history rooted in heritage and culture.

There’s no wonder why you see a tree in almost every home around the Tustin area because it’s in our very nature. Whether it’s a towering giant that offers a natural respite from the city or it’s a miniature ficus in a house’s living room, trees instill a sense of culture and belonging within the Tustin community. At Orange County Tree Care, we strive to meet the natural beautification needs of our clients by servicing them as their full-blown partner in tree care. Whether you need that prized giant ficus pruned or you have a tree that needs removal, we have the capacity to provide comprehensive solutions for you.

Whether you’re a local business owner or a homeowner trying to beautify your front yard, we’re ready to meet your demands and exceed your expectations. After all, we operate in a way that unconditionally exceeds client expectations. Our tree service pros are equipped with all the necessary equipment needed to get the job done right. They are the embodiment of what a professional arborist should be and are prepared to tackle any challenge that comes their way. In addition to their ability to appeal to our customers, they are also highly-trained in the art of tree care and maintenance. Please refer to our tree blog or about page for more information.

The selection of our equipment speaks for itself. We always ensure that the tools we use are not only appropriate for the job at hand but also eco-friendly. We use the latest tree care techniques for keeping trees healthy. During all of our procedures, we’re careful not to damage the surrounding area. We constantly monitor the quality of our work and make sure that we meet the standards set by the state. Customer Satisfaction:  The end goal of our tree service is to provide you with what you need. We’re here to serve, so if you have any further questions regarding our services, please don’t hesitate to call us at (714)-769-8019 for a free estimate!

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