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Tree trimming is the act of cutting tree branches that have either extended too far out or have died. Tree branches that have extended out, pose a potential issue to the property owner in a number of ways. All trees that reside on a residential or commercial landscape should always be well-trimmed and cared for in order to make the property look more attractive. The reason why we do our best to make sure your trees are properly trimmed and well cared for is also to provide the safety that no insects or wild animals will be able to infest the overgrowing trees in your yard.

In many instances, not tree trimming your plants can leave you with an excess amount of leaves or acorns falling on or near a person’s property. In more dire scenarios, dead branches may potentially collapse onto a person, or their property, gravely injuring them or damaging their landscape, which could result in the owner opening up to potential litigation. If you feel that your tree’s branches should be trimmed, do not seek to do this yourself. We are the best tree trimming business in Orange County, so we always recommend working with professional tree trimming experts like us to make sure the job is done right.

For most people, tree trimming is an incredibly dangerous task that should not be performed by anyone except a professional arborist who is already licensed and insured to do so. Any unskilled attempts at tree trimming off a branch could often result in damage to a property, as well as potential injury to anyone in the immediate area. For more information on how we go about your tree trimming, then we highly recommend viewing this source of information to get a better understanding of how the tree trimming process works.

For these reasons alone, we highly recommend giving us a call at (714)-769-8019 to see how we can trim and manage your trees today. Our workers are rigorously trained with you and your family’s safety as their top priority. They are licensed as well as insured, meaning that any potential accident that may occur is entirely safeguarded. In addition to liability insurance, our tree surgeons and tree trimming experts also have worker’s compensation insurance, meaning that there is zero risk to you when working with us.

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Crown Cleaning Orange County

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When doing tree work, it’s always best to consider crown cleaning as part of the services that we offer. Crown cleaning is the removal of dying, diseased, broken, or dead branches from the topmost part of a tree, otherwise known as the crown. It helps both obtain a uniform density among the head of the tree, and forms even space within the branches. This process allows light to pass through the tree’s top area and to reach its lower portions, furthering its growth. Crown cleaning is also effective in reducing plant diseases, as well as a large variety of insects that can be found in larger areas.

It is generally advised that the tree goes through crown cleaning if it ever has issues distributing its weight evenly across its branches, blocks light from reaching the lower parts of the tree, or the tree is located in an area where it runs the risk of running into the topmost part of a building or utility wires. Crown cleaning should not be performed on all trees and those that do need it should avoid head cuts, which is the cutting of all the topmost branches off at a set height. If you feel the trees in your vicinity may need a crown cleaning, please do not hesitate to set up a free consultation with the Orange County Tree Care team.

Most mature trees do in fact need crown cleaning at least once or twice a year. It may not look like it, but trees do in fact get stressed and uncomfortable. So, like any living creature, a tree wants to feel as clean as possible, which is our duty to handle them with care. In terms of size, there are a few recommendations in which a tree should be crown cleaned. If any dead branch is larger than a diameter of two inches, it is best to remove and trim that branch off. Any additional broken branches that are above 30 feet may be a concern because if they happen to fall, the speed of impact can be very dangerous.

Dead and broken branches can always become a bigger concern over time, so it’s best to check out our tree services to see how crown cleaning and other techniques can be used to help avoid danger overall. When cutting and crowning the top of a tree, there are some additional steps that may be used to help make the process much more convenient. A tree branch collar should never be cut because the decay of that branch would rapidly spread into the trunk of the tree. If for whatever reason, that the collar branch does need to be cut along the dead branches, then just be extra aware that the nick in the collar is not cut as well.

Once a tree has been completely crowned, it is often recommended to double-check and see if the tree also needs to be crown thinned. This process is very similar to crown cleaning, however, the only difference is in the selection and removal of smaller branches. Crown thinning is a great way to help cause less damage to trees, especially when there are other smaller branches that may be overlooked when crown cleaning. It’s during this time when a tree expert or arborist may also consider fruit tree pruning, to help remove any of the finished or defective fruit products that are left hanging on the tree itself.

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