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For many people, it can be daunting to know just what to look out for when it comes to trees and their health. What may seem to be an obvious situation at a first glance can actually be revealed to have several much more subtle issues hidden beneath the surface. That is why we have the best tree surgeons in all of Orange County, to help with situations like this. Whenever you are faced with unclear situations, please consult with them, as they are great professional health evaluators for all trees in both residential commercial properties.

The best and quickest way to get ahold of one of them is to call us directly ​​at (714)-769-8019, or fill out the contact sheet located on the right side of this page. Our experienced and professional arborists will be able to evaluate and diagnose any trees you might have. Depending on the level of severity, in many preemptive cases, they may be able to treat and resolve any issues that you have before they have a chance to cause further damage to the entire tree itself or the landscape at large.

When diagnosing your tree, our tree surgeons will inspect your property for signs of insect inhabitation, as well as any type of disease. If left unchecked, insects can permeate a tree, damaging it greatly. Throughout the inspection, the entire tree is checked, including the roots and soil. Pest problems, girdling of the roots, or overall poor growth can oftentimes be attributed to incorrect initial planting or soiling of the planet. Proper soil and planting are vital to a plant’s overall health and can often be mediated by our staff during their initial inspection and break analysis of the health of the tree.

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Arborist Orange County

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Our certified arborists are legally licensed and certified and are seen as somewhat of a “next step” from our tree surgeons. If your tree has issues that may require extensive work in order to save or remove it, then our arborists will check it out. These individuals will do an inspection on the tree to determine what issues are facing the tree, such as whether it should be felled or removed, how much should be trimmed, are there any insects, should be pruned, etc. The goal of the arborist is to more fully go over the health of the tree and see what specifically is wrong with it.

Generally, if there is an issue that the tree surgeons cannot resolve, they will send for an arborist for a final inspection. Arborists play a very important role when determining the long-term health and growth development of a tree. It’s always important to consult with one whenever you decide to make a big decision regarding your landscape and property. At Orange County Tree Care, our arborists are all professionally trained and qualified to handle any tree task that comes their way. In fact, our arborists have received great praise in their work, and have otherwise been known as the best arborists in all of Orange County.

We only work with the best, which is why we only hire the best. If you’re in need of any tree removal, trimming, pruning, stump grinding, planting, emergency tree removal, etc., then please consult with our trained team members here and we’d be happy to walk you through how our arborists can offer you the best tree services in Southern California. It’s always important to take proper care of your property and landscape, so hiring a professional to help you with this task is certainly something we can help you with.

Our professional arborists and tree surgeons have all the proper tools, equipment, and machinery needed to handle any tree task, to let us know how we can help improve your yard today. We understand that the difference between an arborist and a tree surgeon is a bit difficult to understand, so that is why we think reading more about the tree surgeon process would be beneficial to your knowledge base. If you have any questions or concerns about our business and methods, then one of our top tree surgeons will be more than happy to speak.

There are many cases, more often than none, where trees become much more expensive to buy, rather than planting your own trees and watch them grow over time. This may be a very vital option for your investments, however, there is much tree maintenance and tree care that is needed as the tree begins to grow and nurture. When the tree begins to expand and the leaves start to spread across your yard, do not take this lightly because the tree will ultimately start to welcome more inspects and pests into its new ecosystem.

In these situations, it’s best not to try and clean up this mess on your own, but rather call one of our professional arborists to help handle the task for you. When working with us, you get the best tree experts in all of Orange County. We promise to deliver on our promise to make your property look as healthy and clean as possible. If you have any issues with our work, then we’d be happy to re-do anything you are unhappy with. We are the best tree service business in all of Orange County, and our tree surgeons are always eager and ready to take on as many tree jobs as possible.

In some cases, there are moments when some of our arborists come across rare cases of tree care. When these situations occur, we often hire a secondary party to help us with any tree bracing that may be needed in order to help further the growth, health, and care of the tree moving forward. If we get stuck in this situation with you, do not worry about the extra costs, as we are happy to pay any additional fees needed to get your property looking the best it can be.

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