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Like humans need to stay healthy against diseases, so do plants, trees, and shrubs. If not properly looked after and maintained, trees are likely to develop some several serious internal issues. This includes a variety of different diseases, fungal and moss infections, as well as becoming infested with numerous types of insects, such as beetles, ants, and termites. While certainly, trees have their own method of keeping themselves safe, like humans, this often only goes so far, which is why it’s important to consult with a professional like us to see how we can help maintain your trees health.

Over time, if not properly nourished and cared for, trees will become more and more susceptible to these numerous different dangers, ultimately resulting in them becoming damaged, unhealthy, or even died out. While regular tree maintenance, such as branch trimming and pruning, are great ways to help reduce the spread of diseases and insects, another highly effective way is through tree spraying. This is a process that uses several treatments of pesticide and insecticides in an aerated form on and around a tree. Eventually, the sprays help kill and ward off insects and parasites that otherwise may attempt to take up residence inside the tree.

Many of these bugs and insects can vary from largely annoying to disease-carrying types. Regardless, all insects are detrimental to your tree and will often migrate into your home or building property if possible. The advantage of spraying your trees will ultimately prevent harmful disease-carrying insects from infesting your plant life and overall landscape much more effectively than pruning or trimming. Please give us a call ​​at (714)-769-8019 so we can further evaluate your trees and property to see if any such tree spraying is needed. 

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Pest Removal Orange County

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Arguably the largest threat to a tree or plant life in general, pests and insects are not just an annoyance. In many instances, they carry several different diseases that can proliferate throughout the tree, ultimately damaging its internal structure and integrity. To make matters worse, there are numerous different types of insects that can be potentially found residing in the trees on your property, each varying in their overall danger. They can range from the more innocuous insects like caterpillars and ants, to the much more problematic, such as beetles or even termites.

We are the best tree care experts in all of Orange County, so let us know if any insects invade your property. Our team takes a multi-faceted approach to ensuring that as few pests as possible are plaguing your plants. This includes tree trimming, pruning, and excessive landscaping. This process ensures that the soil conditions are optimal for plant growth, and with more periodic inspections to test for signs of burgeoning infestations. In most cases, if consistent maintenance is performed, this will drastically reduce the outbreak of pests and, by extension, diseases and possibly death.

During instances where there may be a need for treatment, we have a number of different insecticide sprays to help reduce the insect populations. Here at Orange County Tree Care, we offer the best tree spraying and disinfection to help reduce and limit the number of tree pests that invade your property. All of our tree arborists are highly skilled in this regard, so please do not try to eliminate any tree pests on your own. The chemicals that are used are highly dangerous and can possibly result in a serious infection if you were to make contact with them, so please make sure you consult with a professional tree spraying expert before getting started with it.

Our professionals have handled this type of task many times, and the proper equipment and tools that we use are exactly what is needed to make sure this type of tree job is handled perfectly. Once again, we take great pride in handling your property with care, so please allow us to determine what the best techniques are needed for your landscape and property. The tree experts and arborists we have on-staff are the best tree professionals in all of Orange County.

We ensure to maintain and protect your property from any type of pests, such as insects, ants, and beetles. Before we begin with any extermination of the pests, we always run a proper diagnosis of your trees, plants, and stumps, to see which type of spray and chemicals we will need to use. After we gather the data we need, we will then proceed in determining what type of look your landscape will need. Regardless if it’s a basic tree spraying, trimming, or pruning, our team of expert tree arborists will get the job done right. We always want to ensure that your property is looking beautiful and authentic to your property value.

We are all licensed and insured, so please let us know if you have any questions about this. Tree spraying and tree trimming are somewhat of a similar process. Tree spraying handles the removal and extermination of unwanted pests, while tree trimming handles all the removal of unwanted branches and dead leaves. Regardless, both processes are hard in labor, so we always recommend calling us for professional advice and care in the long run. 

Similarly, spraying is not weather-dependent and doesn’t require drilling, which may actually cause more harm to the tree as it effectively creates “cuts and wounds” which can open it up to fungal growth. If you happen to need any else done to your property, then please take a look at our tree services and see which one would be most beneficial to you. We are the best tree spraying experts in all of Orange County, and if you’d like to learn more about the tree spraying process then we highly recommend looking more into it.

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