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Oftentimes, nature can be very, very unpredictable, as well as more than a bit frustrating to deal with. While this can present itself in a number of different ways, one of the more time-consuming of them, is by far the use of dealing with a dead or decaying tree on your property, regardless if it’s a private, residential, or commercial own property. You are also dealing with a very real reduction in your property value and potentially life-threatening, safety hazards. As such, it is incredibly important that you have it removed as fast as possible.

During times like these, you aren’t dealing with just an unsightly item. You are also dealing with a very real reduction in your property value and potentially life-threatening, safety hazards. As such, it is incredibly important that you have it removed as fast as possible. The Orange County Tree Care team is expertly trained and highly skilled arborists are all trained to operate with the safety of you and your property in mind. While our overall goal is to provide excellent service that keeps your trees healthy and well cared for, in instances where the tree is dying or has already died, we are able to have the tree removal both effectively as well as easily.

The tree removal process is ranked as the most difficult and dangerous type of job to be in. We always recommend working with a professional like ourselves, however, if you’re interested in understanding the process a bit more, then feel free to check out how the tree removal process is done, as well as how it is all set up before starting the process. Give us a call at (714)-769-8019 and we’ll be happy to provide you with a free estimate, and even remove your tree this week if needed. We always want to ensure that we maintain our status as the best tree removal company in Orange County.

Tree removal is the process by which a trained and certified arborist removes a dying or recently dead tree from the general vicinity before it has a chance to become potentially dangerous to those around it. They can also be used during select instances where there are a larger number of trees in a crowded area. In these instances, there is most likely competition for space or light from the younger and healthier trees in the area. Similarly, if there is a time where the owner of the property seeks to build additional structures or create additions to their existing ones, tree removal may be a potential option.

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Tree Felling Orange County

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As part of the process, the tree stump will generally be left as close to the ground as possible to avoid dealing with potential challenges. While tree removals do not include stump removals, it is often recommended, due to the potential risks that come with an uncovered tree stump. While cutting the stump low does remedy many of those potential risks, it is still recommended that it be removed as well. For those that do wish to seek stump removal, this service can similarly be provided and should ideally be told to the arborist during the consultation.

Tree removals are an incredibly dangerous endeavor and should never be performed by anyone that is not sufficiently trained and properly licensed in the procedure. Unskilled tree removal has a very high potential risk of resulting in either injury or death of the person as well as potentially leading to substantial damages to the overall property in the general vicinity. There have been, as a very real example, many instances of an untrained person seeking to remove the tree themselves only for it to result in crushing their car or landing on, and ultimately crushing, the roof of their house.

Our team of licensed and highly skilled arborists will provide a thorough removal of the damaged tree, complete with a cleanup of the remaining debris. During this process, the Orange County Tree Care team’s primary objective is to remove the tree as quickly and as safely as possible while minimizing its overall impact on the surrounding area. When making a decision as to whether a tree should be felled, there are a number of different tree services that must be carefully considered. This can include the tree’s overall structure, its type, the level of hazard it places if left standing, as well as the overall size, and branching attributes.

Our skilled team of licensed arborists will take a look into these various factors while noting the number of characteristics and defects along the tree before determining its overall posed level of risk if not felled. Some of these characteristics would include noting whether or not the tree is dead, different defects in its roots, signs of wood decay or dead branches, and if it has cracks, holes, or rot along with its crown roots. Similarly, the type of species that the tree is would also play a factor in their final considerations, as some species of tree are considerably more prone to branch failure than others.

It’s important to know that the tree itself is not the only thing to take into account when considering a felling. There are many various other facts and factors to keep in mind, such as soil conditions, prevailing wind direction, and the general slope of the site. ​All of these things must be vitally considered when making a decision as to the level of hazard the tree places if not felled. Depends on the overall conditions, even a tree with only minor defects may prove a dangerous hazard to those in the immediate area.

Finally, the arborists will factor in the risk of failure and what the potential damage may result in such an instance. While unlikely, these factors must also be heavily weighed and considered before making a final decision. As an example, a tree that falls at a wooded border is less dangerous when compared to one that falls near an inhabited home, building site, or busy street. All of these issues will ultimately determine the overall likelihood of failure as well as how urgently the tree should be felled.

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