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Tree pruning is vitally important when it comes to ensuring a tree’s overall health, as well as a means of reducing their exposure to different disease and insect risks. When done routinely, these proper health measures will actually be saving you a considerable amount of money and concern as a result. That is why we always try to prune our trees at least twice a year, to help maintain the tree’s overall health and maintenance. Tree pruning is the specific process of removing dead or dying branches from a tree, as well as branches that extend too far out from the tree’s body. 

Tree pruning is the specific process of removing dead or dying branches from a tree, as well as branches that extend too far out from the tree’s body. Extended branches can be problematic, as they often can cause a potential weight displacement, essentially dropping the tree as the branch pulls it downward. Removing these branches can help eliminate various issues, such as splitting, crossing, or co-dominating branches. It should be known that there are both correct, as well as incorrect, a method to tree pruning.

While proper pruning practices can lengthen the tree’s life substantially, engaging in improper pruning practices can actually accelerate decay and lead to the arrival of a host of unwanted insects, such as termites, ants, and other pests. As such, it is ideally recommended that you seek a professional to properly ensure the tree’s branches are pruned both effectively and accurately. ​If you feel that the trees on your property require pruning, please feel free to speak with one of our consultants for a free estimate and quote.

As always, we are happy to take a look at your trees free of charge, so please give us a call at (714)-769-8019 to see how we can move forward and prune your trees as accurately as possible. For more information regarding how a tree should be properly pruned, then we recommend taking a look at this article to familiarize yourself with how the tree pruning process is handled. We are the best tree pruners in all of Orange County, and are always eager to take on more tree jobs.

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Fruit Tree Pruning Orange County

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On top of pruning, we also recommend our services in fruit tree pruning, which is, as the name implies, the act of pruning a fruit tree. When compared to standard tree pruning, our process is largely the same with only a few alterations. Similar to standard pruning, this will generally include the cutting of dead or dying branches, as well as potentially removing some of the smaller limbs completely. In addition to the standard pruning process, fruit tree pruning requires removing sprouts found along the base of the tree trunk, as well as various straight sprouts along the main branch.

We have additional tree services that will also help maintain the health of your trees and property. As with standard tree pruning, whether the practices are correctly or incorrectly applied, will greatly determine the quality of that year’s yield, as well as the potential invitation of disease and insects. If you feel that your tree may need to be properly pruned, please do not hesitate to schedule a consultation with us. The Orange County Tree Care team has the best tree experts and arborists in all of Southern California, and we are always eager and ready to help anyone that may be in need of any type of tree service or maintenance.

The act of pruning and fruit pruning a tree is a huge reason for maintaining the overall health and care of a tree. Fruit pruning is a very difficult task and requires the best expertise needed to get the job done right. We highly recommend not trying it yourself, unless you have all the proper tools, equipment, and training needed to do so. The Orange County Tree Care team does our best to maintain the high reputation that we’ve built for ourselves, and as the best tree service and maintenance provider in all of Orange County. That’s why we do our best to perform all fruit tree pruning and shrub fertilization ourselves.

When it comes to the health and development of a tree and its fruits, it is especially essential to look towards the urban environment to see if the tree is in need to grow more properly in a way that will not interfere with or damage any of the homeowner’s property and landscape. In fact, professional fruit tree pruning will also guarantee that all your trees do grow and maintain both their beauty and safety. Tree pruning is also a necessary step in making sure that your leaves, branches, and fruits remain as healthy as can be.

If your trees are not pruned as often as they should be, it may result in a very dense tree and cause dangerous harm to the other trees around the property. Finally, although it is not used very often on a residential property, pruning and fruit tree pruning can also be very artistic, especially on a commercial-based property. Our full team of experts, arborists, and tree surgeons have done a fantastic job in both maintaining the health of a tree, as well as making them look as pretty as possible.

When it comes to making your trees look naturally beautiful in all different shapes and sizes, you can rest assured that the Orange County Tree Service experts have your back. The trees that grow and are left unattended too, are the ones that will eventually grow too wild to the point where pruning may become a very difficult task to handle. This is why we always recommend pruning your trees at least two times a year, and that all your fruits have been pruned off the trees as well.

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