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There are many times when a tree is removed and the tree stump is left behind in the ground. This is why we perform stump grinding as a service to help remove what’s left behind. Stump grinding is a term used to describe the process of dividing up and grinding the removed stump. This process is done using a grinder, which breaks the tree stump apart into small chips. This type of work is often very dangerous and messy. In fact, it’s best to be as far away as possible to avoid having any of the flying chips making contact with your body.

Stump grinding is considered to be a very large job, and in terms of machinery power, it can also be quite expensive. Of course, this all depends on the size of the tree stump, which is why we recommend giving us a call at (714)-769-8019 for a free quote and estimate. The process of removing a tree stump normally follows the work required by the end of the stump grinding. Wood chipping the stump into smaller pieces will ultimately make the removal of the entire stump much easier later on. If you are in need of any other type of tree stump job, then please let us know as we are always happy to take on more tree work.

This process is not easy and should always be done by a professional because the equipment and machinery needed to do this task can only be operated by someone with the proper training required. While it’s not required to have a tree stump removed, many clients may choose to look into this service because the ground tree stump is regarded as being highly nutritious to their gardening soil or as a fertilizer to grow a new tree in the old one’s place. It is also a much more environmentally sustainable option, as the tree stump is effectively being reused rather than destroyed.

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Stump Removal Orange County

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For many clients, after felling or removing the tree, it is fine enough to simply leave the remaining exposed stump as it is. That said, there are many that also desire to have it removed. Some of the reasons vary from person to person and largely depend on how far the stump is from the more heavily trafficked areas. Some commercial locations have a stump removed due to insects, while private property owners may have it removed due to root rotting, which is the act of insects, such as termites, beetles, and ants infesting the stump and releasing an odor forming so close to their home.

The process of stump removal is pretty straightforward and is much easier to handle after the stump grinding has been completed. As always, we recommend consulting with Orange County Tree Care to see how we may be able to remove your stump. If this kind of work is left in the hands of an amateur, then it can become a much more difficult and dangerous task to handle. Tree stumps should be removed because they have an unfamiliar and negative impact on the property’s landscape, as well as its value moving forward.

In fact, there have been many cases that some properties lose their appeal to others because the view of a tree stump is causing friction in the backyard, driveway, or sidewalk. Stump removal is a very unique and special job, and should only be handled after the stump grinding has been finished. There are also additional steps needed to decide how the risk of the tree assessment should be handled moving forward. Stump grinding and stump removal are both considered to be difficult jobs and the process for each one can be a bit different. For more information about how we proceed in this type of work, then feel free to read more about the stump grinding process

Our tree professionals will always provide a detailed report and diagnostic overview of what the tree’s health is, as well as its estimate for its life span. If you decide that the tree stump should be removed, then one of our experts and arborists will handle both the stump grinding and removal for you. Once again, it’s important to hire a professional to handle this task. We have all the proper tools and equipment needed to remove the tree stump, so please let us know how we can help you. Our team of arborists are all licensed and insured to handle any task and are always available to take on more tree work.

Since we do strive to offer the best tree services in all of Orange County, we will also do our best to offer you the minimum expense and most affordable price on the market. We do this because we want our clients to walk away happy and satisfied with the stump removal work we do for them. In fact, most tree service companies are not properly trained to handle the additional work needed to remove a tree stump. So it’s our duty to help serve and maintain the best tree maintenance for all properties in Orange County, leaving them looking much more beautiful than they were before. Let us know how we can improve your property today!

Similarly, exposed stumps may also be something of a safety hazard. If an area is frequented often, especially by children, it is quite easy to trip or fall over an especially low-cut tree stump. While it is always the client’s prerogative as to whether or not they keep the tree stump or have it removed, it is generally suggested that it only causes more trouble staying than it does being removed. As such, we recommend that the stump be removed so that your property looks better overall. When working with us to remove your tree stumps, we will also be happy to look at your trees to see if any additional crown cleaning may be needed as well.

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