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root removal orange county

Roots are arguably one, if not the most, frustrating aspects of dealing with within a landscape and plant life. It is often because the roots of a plant are either too deeply entrenched or too loosely set that a person may deal with so many issues with their trees, plants, bushes, and shrubs. When faced with root issues, it’s best not to try and remove them yourselves. Specifically, when it pertains to shrubbery and bushes if one is attempting to fully perform root removal, then the most important thing is to ensure that the roots are removed as well.

More often than not, a homeowner will go through the exhausting task of removing the upper part of a shrub only for it to return a few months later. The reason for this is because the shrub is largely rooted in the ground, and then in fact the roots are also left almost entirely intact. Root removal is often considered the most annoying task to handle for any tree expert or arborist out there. This is mainly because the roots are so old and connected, that it will require a large amount of time and energy to remove.

In most cases, machinery does the heavy lifting in removing the big roots, but proper tree maintenance and root removal are still needed by a trained professional to handle all the small roots to make sure the shrub does not return. We are the best root removal and tree service business in all of Orange County, and are always here to handle any tree job that comes our way. If you wish to better understand our root removal process, then we recommend taking a look at the attached article to better familiarize yourself with how we approach it.

If this happened to you, whereby you or another landscaping company were unsuccessful in entirely uprooting the shrub and ensuring that the roots were similarly removed, our team is here to help. We have highly-trained specialists that are able to deeply cut into the roots, severing them entirely so that, when removed, they do not return. Please do not hesitate in giving us a call at (714)-769-8019 and we’d be more than happy to remove your roots.

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Kudzu Removal Orange County

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Vines, as well as kudzu, will nearly all appear by way of being planted from a non-human source. This can range from rainstorms, flooding, small wildlife, or even animals like fish, squirrels, moles, and mice, deer, raccoons, or chipmunks. The more notorious producers of vine seeds, however, are deer, birds, and the very wind itself. When any of these animals eat and consumes plant life or berries, their stomach waste acts as a seed fertilizer, allowing it to sprout and grow wherever it lands. That is why it’s important to speak with a professional like us to see how we can remove your kudzu today.

While this is perfectly fine for the forests and wilderness, this poses a very real and very severe issue when dealing with various vines that are overgrown in residential and commercial properties. Vines, while beautiful to some, are an incredibly difficult plant to remove, and then especially on your own. Depending on the scenario, a vine plant overgrowth can range from simply an added aesthetic to green landscape, to a much more virulent spreading across an entire area.

This is never more so an issue than with kudzu vines, which are a group of climbing perennial vines native to much of the Asian pacific. Due to mass travel, it has made its way into Northern America and has since been labeled as an invasive plant species. While they are pleasant in appearance, kudzu vines spread very quickly and are dangerous to the existing plant life in an existing area. It operates by effectively blanketing over trees, grass, bushes, and shrubs, blocking their ability to absorb sunlight, effectively smothering and killing them. Kudzu is just as dangerous and problematic as root removal, so please consult with a professional about removal.

We offer a variety of different tree services to help you remove such vines if needed, so please let us know if you ever run into this kudzu problem. Kudzu vines are very difficult to remove if untrained in the process and, while not deadly to humans, should be removed as soon as you are able to. Our team of tree specialists is expertly trained in the removal of kudzu vines, as well as any other tree removal, shrub removal, or root removal, from any area.

We do this by finding and removing the crown root, which is ultimately the centerpiece of the tree vine itself. This is vital to rid them from an area, as only getting rid of the vines will simply result in them regrowing within a few months, giving you the same issue only a year later. If the crown root is not removed quickly and professionally, it could result in an even more dangerous problem. For these types of issues, we recommend checking out our disaster prevention tips on how these types of issues can be avoided in the future. 

Whenever you are faced with kudzu vines or root removal problems, just remember that it is important to consider who the species got themselves into your property in the first place. In most cases, wildlife and storms are the main reason why a kudzu vine would show up on your lawn, however, there are some instances when they can show up due to poor tree planting, maintenance, and tree care. When these kudzu vines do arrive on your landscape, make sure you find out which way they are growing, and this will ultimately result in which way we will need to remove and dispose of them.

Remember, kudzu vines may look nice and pretty at times, but they are actually quite dangerous and can cause harm to your property, such as loss of nutrients for your other plants, less water during rain storms, and loss of natural sunlight because the vines are creating too much-unwanted shade. Kudzu vines may seem to be very decorative, however, they can be just as troublesome as root removal. This process is quite similar to remove the unwanted material, however, it is important that the root removal is handled with care because we don’t want these vines growing back to harm your property even more.

If you are currently experiencing kudzu vines or any fast-growing vines on your property, it is important that you schedule a consultation with us as soon as possible. Here at Orange County Tree Care, we will assess the severity of the issue before giving you a free quote for their removal. We have the best arborists and tree experts in all of Southern California, and we love to help anyone who is in need of making their property look the best as it can be. 

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