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Land clearing, depending on the size of the area, generally requires a fair amount of both manpower as well as heavy equipment. This may include dealing with hidden roots, dead or dying trees, or shrubbery and ground growth. In these instances, it is necessary to call on a professional to handle it and to ensure that the land itself is impacted as little as possible. Our trained and certified specialists are skilled at ensuring that particularly hard to remove roots and trees can be cleared away as efficiently and effectively as possible through land clearing.

We have the best tree experts and arborists in all of Orange County, so please consult with one of our professionals to see how we can help you. If you are in need of having your land or lot cleared, do not hesitate to set up a consultation by calling us at (714)-769-8019 at your earliest convenience. Land clearing is a very daunting task and may cause some serious injury if done incorrectly. Land clearing is ranked as one of the most difficult jobs in the tree service industry, so we always recommend consulting with a professional like ourselves to get a better understanding of how dangerous this type of work actually is.

Additionally, this is often considered somewhat of a multiple-step process and is much more complex than tree trimming, planting, shrub removal, or tree spraying. Luckily, our team of certified tree experts has all the proper tools and equipment needed in order to handle this heavy lifting. This is why we recommend hiring a professional like us, to better ensure your risk and health are never in any jeopardy. When working with us, you will always get the best results for your property. We always do our best to remove any trees, bushes, or shrubs from your land to help increase the beauty and quality back to your property and land.

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Tree Maintenance Orange County

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For many people, it is often difficult to understand what makes one person’s landscape and greenery stand out over another’s. In many instances, two veritable neighbors could be living across from one another. One’s lawn is brown and dry with wilted trees while the other has a lush, beautiful green lawn with lively flowers and trees that are filled with life. If they’re both watered equally as regularly, and both are in virtually the same type of soil, how is this possible? The key to resolving this comes by way of standard and consistent maintenance.

In the above example, while one lawn is simply watered and left alone, the other is regularly cared for through standard maintenance. This includes tree and shrub pruning, tree trimming, plant fertilization, aeration, as well as other plant care steps that ultimately ensure the high quality of your landscape. Overall, the more tree maintenance and land clearing that is done to your property, the better and healthier it will look in the long run. If a tree is left alone and uncared for, it will most likely start to reduce its growth and development, ultimately dying and making your property look dull and dry.

Whenever you are in need of extra tree advice, please let one of our arborists at Orange County Tree Care know, as one of them will be more than happy to offer any free advice needed to restore your tree or plant damage. Speaking specifically on tree care, keeping up with regular and consistent tree maintenance and land clearing is vital to properly extending their lifespan. By engaging in tree trimming and pruning, your trees can dramatically reduce the instances of insects, diseases, or any pest removal.

Similarly, by properly establishing tree maintenance, you can reduce the number of instances of excess leaves scattering as well as potential damage to your property by way of high winds or heavy rains. Unlike general landscape maintenance, which can be performed by most people relatively easily, it is important that only an expertly trained individual be put in charge of trimming or pruning your trees, as unskilled or incorrect performance can often lead to either the worsening of a tree’s life, which actually can open them to disease and insects, or worse, lead to damage of property or persons by way of a fallen branch.

It is generally recommended that, for maintained plant health, you should have your landscape maintained at least during the late fall and winter. As there are fewer leaves along the branches, they are much more visible and can be more easily trimmed and pruned. Similarly, as it is the colder season, there is less chance for insects and other diseases to spread. That said, to optimally maintain the highest standard for your trees and other plant life, it is advised that you have them trimmed and pruned throughout the year.

This is a service that we gladly offer. If you are interested, please feel free to set up a consultation with us at your earliest convenience, or feel free to check out some of our other tree services that may be more beneficial to your needs instead. Our expertly trained specialists are skilled in dealing with all aspects of tree and landscape maintenance and can handle virtually any type of plant on your property. Our experience, integrity, and commitment to you and your specific project are things all of our clients have consistently remarked on and we believe it’s true as we provide the best land clearing in all of Orange County.

We are dedicated to making sure your landscape is to your utmost satisfaction and give you exceptional service. We are the best tree arborists and land clearing experts in all of Orange County, so please let us know how we can help maintain your trees. The land clearing process is a bit difficult to understand and handle, so we recommend taking a look at this source of information to better familiarize yourself with how we go about handling our tree service business within the industry.

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