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When it comes to heavy storms and other disastrous events, unfortunately, there is little that can be done to prevent it. No matter how prepared you are or how well you have maintained your tree’s upkeep, you may still find yourself dealing with the aftermath of the damages from a rainstorm. In events like this, just know that we are available to help pick up the pieces. We know all too well that, no matter how well you ensure that your trees are healthy and well cared for, an unexpected tornado, hurricane, or heavy storm can result in substantial damage to you, your property, or your business.

Regardless as to whether a disaster came in the form of a heavy storm, intense flooding, a downed tree, or a tornado or earthquake, our team of highly trained arborists is here to help you with immediate clean up assistance with emergency tree service. One call and we will be there to help secure your home, office, or building from sustaining further damage, so let us know by calling us at (714)-769-8019 to see how we can help prevent another storm from further damaging your property. We are the best arborists to handle any type of emergency tree service and are always available to help our fellow residents in Orange County.

Together, during this emergency, we can help remove torn and toppled trees, cracked stumps, and potential tree branches and debris that may have resulted from the event. We are highly trained to handle these types of scenarios. As such, you can rest easy knowing that, as far as clearing up the debris, collapsed trees, and remaining stumps, we have you covered. We are the best tree experts in all of Orange County, and we always do our best to provide the best tree care assistance to those who need it after any emergency tree service.

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Emergency Tree Removal Orange County

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From providing oxygen to bearing various fruits, to simply being visually pleasing, trees are greatly beneficial to us. Unfortunately, trees can also be quite dangerous as well. Every year all around the globe, trees are reported to have resulted in catastrophic damage, either to property or person. In the more disastrous of circumstances, a fallen tree has even resulted in the tragic loss of life. While many times these incidents are largely unexpected and entirely determined by outside events, such as rain and strong storm winds, some of the more local events are sadly quite preventable.

Our emergency tree service staff is available at all hours and we can arrive at your location shortly after a call. Immediately upon arriving, we will get to work on clearing the property of the various trees and tree-based debris. We will also send out a trained and certified tree assessor in order to evaluate the remaining trees on your property. There, we will be able to determine their overall structure from the ordeal and whether or not they should be removed to prevent any more additional damage or injury as a result. For a better understanding of our emergency tree service process, then please read the attached article to look for tree signs of removal.

If there are any that are damaged, it is strongly recommended that they be removed at that time, as weakened tree integrity after a disastrous event is often very easy to collapse shortly afterward. In the event that you will require us to remove any of the additional remaining trees, we have a team at the read to immediately handle these trees. While this will generally be best to have them removed, depending on their severity, they may only need to be braced or cabled as a means of supporting them and their branches would be most beneficial to our emergency tree service system and support.

Here at Orange County Tree Care, it is our mission to make sure that your yard, lawn, property, and home remain safe for you, your family, and everyone nearby. There are many telltale signs of health and potential damages to a tree’s structural integrity. As such, to properly ensure that the local trees on your property or in your area are structurally sound, it is important that you are able to identify the potential health risks and problems as early as possible. For these reasons alone, we recommend checking out our other tree services to see how we can help further protect your property and better prepare for any disaster that may result in emergency tree service.

When looking at the results of a heavy storm, it is important to ask yourself some important questions and be aware of when regarding the overall health of a tree on your property. Are there numerous insects and pests on your property, particularly around your trees? Are there any dead branches connected to your tree? Are there any dead trees on your property or in your area? Are there any trees with holes or rot along their base? If the answer is yes to any of these questions above, then please consult with one of our trained arborists to see how we help maintain your lawn, tree maintenance, and emergency tree service.

Pests are disease-carrying creatures that largely hurt the health of a tree. Various insects such as termites and beetles are some of the worst offenders of this as they actively weaken the integrity of a tree, ultimately resulting in either its death or dead branches. Dead branches, as you would imagine, are harmful to the overall health of a tree. In most instances, if left attached, the rot from the dead branch will spread to the rest of the tree, ultimately killing it and therefore in need of emergency tree service.

Generally, a dead branch will eventually fall off on its own, though this is unpredictable and poses a dangerous risk to you and your property. Similar to dead branches, a dead tree is incredibly dangerous and often collapses in on itself at potentially any time. If you have any dead trees near your home or commercial property, they should be removed immediately. If you are unsure of what to look for, definitely consider scheduling an appointment with one of our consultants.

Together, we will be able to go over the several signs of damage to look out for as well as whether your tree should be removed, trimmed, or simply given some maintenance. Our team is highly trained and fully capable of ensuring that your trees are either greatly cared for, in the instance, they aren’t a risk, or safely removed if they are. If you believe that any of these issues are a threat to your property, then we also offer tree felling as a service to help maintain the look and beauty of your property, as well as emergency tree service prevention.

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